Rapp Nature Camp is happy once again to offer a series of nature outings for adults—our “Perennial Campers!” Our Orientation Meeting on March 1 will be followed by six excursions to interesting habitats in Rappahannock and surrounding counties. Some of our topics for study and observation will be: tree identification, butterflies and dragonflies, nectar and pollen plants, migrating birds, and sky phenomena.
• Registration fee is not prorated and includes all 2020 events.
• Let us know if you need financial assistance.
• Attendance at any event is optional.
• You may bring a guest.
• You are responsible for supervising any guests younger than 18.
• It is fine to arrive late or leave any event early.
• Leave dogs at home.
• Leave apps in the car.
• You will receive email notice of each event on Monday before scheduled date.
• If no email, call 540-987-9530 the day before for confirmation of time and place.
Event Schedule to be announced at Orientation Meeting on March 1st.

Download Perennial Campers registration form

The weather was a bit dry for mushrooms, but we found plenty of birds on this stretch of trail along the Thorton River (May 2018.)