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Events and Outing 2018

PERENNIAL CAMPERS – Rapp Nature Camp is happy to announce a series of nature education outings for adults this year. We will be offering partial-day and full-day courses on a variety of topics including birding, tree id, mushroom hunting, still water canoeing, wildflower id, and more! We are requesting a participation fee of $60, payable to Rapp Nature Camp, for the option to participate in any or all the activities that we offer this year. We will offer at least 6 activities spring through fall. No further fee and no additional registration will be required. You may bring a guest to any activity. We will notify you of planned activities as far in advance as possible.
Sunday, October 21 at 4:00pm: We will meet for a colorful “Tree Walk.” We will learn about the ecology of an abandoned orchard and identify as many trees as we can—this will serve as an introduction to a more in-depth Tree ID session next spring. We also hope to spot some clouds and migrating hawks, and look through our telescope at the rising moon and setting sun.
The location will be on uneven ground but not difficult walking, mostly through open land and mowed trails. You might want to bring a lawn chair. We will have binoculars, tree ID books and a telescope equipped with moon and sun filters for safe viewing.

Contact us here to sign up or be notified of upcoming Perennial Camper events.

Past Events:

Perennial Campers

Dragonfly and damselfly walk on June 2nd

Still-water paddle  on the Shenandoah River, May 23

Sunrise bird walk at Big Meadows May 8th.

Mushroom walk/morel hunt at a secret spot on May 5th.

Bird Walk at Lake Arrowhead, Luray on Monday April 23rd.


Saturday, April 14, 4pm at the Washington library’s Jamieson Room

In this workshop, we will discuss and practice the basics of observation and appreciation of our local bird life. If you have binoculars, be sure to bring them (we will have some available.) This activity will include an indoor session and short birding hike. It is highly recommended for those who plan to participate in our upcoming birding events. $60 annual membership is required and gets you admission to at least 6 events over this year – you can sign up at this event. For more info call 540-987-9530. Hope to see you there!


June 18 to June 29, 2018

Monday – Friday. 9:00am to 3:00pm, with one night of camping

Our 33rd session! Campers will explore the gardens, meadows, forests, rivers and ponds of Singing Creek and surrounding areas. Our theme for study in 2018 will be “Connections.” We’ll look for life in the stream and find larvae of the very same insects that fly at night to our Moth Light. We’ll discover connections between moles and voles and plants in our gardens. We’ll study waves, meanders, spheres, vortices, cloud forms and leaf shapes. This session has been our core activity for 32 years and is very popular. Early application is advised.

SUMMER CAMP Session 2:  CONNECTIONS   (ages 12 to 16)

July 2 to July 13, 2018

Monday – Friday. 9:00am to 3:00pm

In response to many requests, our summer activities will include a second session for older campers. Yes, 12-year-olds can attend both sessions! We will continue with our theme of “Connections.” Session 2 will allow older campers to connect their earlier camp experiences with new, in-depth natural history studies, and to consider their own connections with the lives of younger campers to follow. We’ll study the quality of the clear water in the Hazel River, and learn some things about caring for trees and habitats and oceans and the air we live in. Several visiting instructors will provide lessons in mycology, stream studies, nature art, care of trees and other subjects.


July 18th-19th, 2018

Rapp Nature Camp will team up with The Child Care and Learning Center for a 2 day session. Stay tuned for details and check their website.


June 7 – 11, 2018 at Vesuvius, Virginia, where Rapp Nature Camp Director Lyt Wood will again be an instructor. Details to be posted at


Camp Director Lyt Wood has been busy with an ongoing study of clouds and weather. His 18-page Cloudy Packet includes:

  • Introduction to taxonomy of clouds
  • “Key to Clouds”: a key to identification of the 10 genera and 35 species of clouds
  • “Observation Tips”
  • “Cloudy Words”
  • “Cloudy Checklist”
  • Suggested reading and other resources about clouds and weather

Cloudy Packet is useful as an introduction to what has become known as “Cloudspotting,” and as an educational tool. Cloudy Packet is available on request HERE.

“There is nothing in this packet that should be taken seriously. It is meant to be a guide, an incentive, a fun way to encourage everyone to LOOK UP. The clouds in our planet’s atmosphere are always forming, changing, moving and dissipating in wonderful ways, but are, more often than not, ignored and overlooked. (Underlooked?) Even when we want to discern some clues about what the weather will be like tomorrow, or in an hour, almost everyone has a habit of looking DOWN, into one or another hand-held device. What has become known as “cloudspotting” is lots more fun, and far more instructive.”

–from the introduction to Cloudy Packet © 2017 by Lyt Wood



Saturday, April 28th, 2018 – 9am-3pm

  • Free plants!
  • Live music!
  • Figs, pawpaws, Japanese maples, ferns, nectar and pollen plants
  • Food provided by RCHS Culinary Arts program

More information to be announced here and at

  • Perennial Campers, March 18, 4:00 pm Sunday, CCLC shelter ~ 12763 Lee Highway, Washington
    Spring Nature Camp for Adults. Rapp Nature Camp’s “Perennial Campers” will have a chance to take part in Mushroom Hunts, Bird Hikes, Introduction to Birds and Birding, Clouds and Weather, Tree ID, and still-water paddling on the Shenandoah River to observe nesting orioles and carp breeding activity. Lyt Wood, camp director, will provide details on these and other seasonal explorations, and describe Rapp Nature Camp’s experiential, imaginative, phenomenological approach to Nature Observation. No charge and no preregistration is necessary for this initial orientation meeting.
  • Adult Session at Nature Camp, Vesuvius, Virginia: August 18 – 22, 2017: Lyt Wood will be an instructor at Nature Camp’s popular Adult Session, which features many naturalists and professionals in science and education. This year’s theme will be “Then and Now: 75 years of Nature Camp.” Lyt will lead sessions and activities on Environmental Education in Your Community, Flying Things, Cloudspotting, and a field trip to Spy Mountain Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. More information is available at
  • 2017 Rapp Nature Camp Session: June 5-16, 2017
  • May 12, 2017, 8:00pm, Rappahannock County Library:  In conjunction with Shenandoah National Park personnel, Camp Director Lyt Wood will speak on “Hiking the Trails of Rappahannock County.” The speakers will focus on some of the lesser known trails that begin in Rappahannock County at the lower (eastern) side of the park. This presentation is sponsored by the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and Community.
  • Waterpenny Plant Sale: April 29, 2017 – 9 am til supplies run out!
     Find us on Waterpenny Farm off of Route 211, East of Sperryville, Virginia
       Camp music by The Bubbleheads!
       Stringband music by Mudlarks!
       Free plants!
    • Butterfly nectar plants
    • Pollinator plants
    • Ferns
    • Tree seedlings
    • Figs
    Opportunity to donate to Rapp Nature Camp!
  • March 15, 2017, 1:30pm, Washington Fire Hall, Washington, Virginia
    Rappahannock County Garden Club (meeting open to public)
    Camp Director Lyt Wood will give presentation on Rapp Nature Camp’s educational program:
    “Children and Nature: What is right for our times?”